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Moving through life with mental illness, or at least some symptoms of mental illness, is difficult—far more difficult than most would realize. It’s a full-time job coping with and working through mental illness on top of your other commitments with a full-time career, school, and/or family.

What matters to you matters to me: it's my mission to help you feel better. You're getting by for now and you're functional, but you know that if you feel better you can be more present at work, with your family, and be kinder to your body. There is a lot of creativity, passion, and energy within you that is being suppressed by your anxieties. It's my mission to help you identify those barriers and break free from them.

Uncover Imbalances in the Body

Freedom can be found with understanding what’s going on

underneath the surface of the mind and body.

  1. Add what’s missing: replenishing missing microbiota, resolving nutrient deficiencies, and optimizing hormones

  2. Subtract what’s unnecessary: taming inflammation, reducing dysbiosis, eliminating toxins, avoiding allergens

  3. Reframe thinking: identify and relinquish self-limiting/defeating beliefs



Moving beyond the chemicals, conversations about what’s going on for you in life can also be very powerful and transformative. So often past trauma and life experiences add up over time and eventually reach a tipping point. When symptoms arise, it can be hard for people to connect all the dots. Justin’s approach focuses on drawing connections between past experiences and current ways of thinking and feeling.


Medications can be very helpful in the short-term. When symptoms are intense and interfere with daily functioning, the right medication can soothe and help regain control. Justin is adept in applying sound principles of psychopharmacology in treating individuals with acute symptoms.



I understand that you need support and validation as you move through the sludge. My functional medicine and integrative approach to mental health treatment is all in. Many patients are currently taking medications and want to taper off, but they are not sure how to start. The Functional Medicine approach to mental health symptoms will cover lifestyle factors like diet, sleep, exercise, and stress management. In addition, the Functional Medicine treatment plan will include advanced lab testing and in-person assessment to get to the root cause of mental and emotional distress and dysfunction.


JB NP knows how to challenge you in productive ways to uncover self-limiting beliefs to break apart and dissolve the very things holding you back from being the best version of yourself.


You have a very special and unique purpose in this world. The people in your life want and need you to share your talents to make this world a better place.

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