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Find Your Path to Wellness 

Thanks for being here. The goal of TMWD book is to help readers find their own path towards optimal mental wellness. Each person's path will be different, but at the center of mental wellness is adequate nutrition for the brain. In addition, our brains require the right kinds and amounts of stimulation to respond with optimal wellness. Read on to find out which foods we need to offer our brains so that we can feel and function at our best.

What's in the book?

The Mental Wellness Diet is about eating to build and fuel a better brain.

A well-fed brain will help us feel and function better.

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The Whole

The TMWD book aims to put together our ancestral wisdom & accumulated scientific understanding of the human brain all in one place.

Find out how the brain really works from the inside out so you can exist in a state of optimal mental wellness.

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 Progress Can Be


Modern-day life has ushered in countless quick-fix solutions for countless problems humans encounter.

Yet, many of these solutions are merely band-aids. Find out how to meet our inherent human needs with an ancestral diet and lifestyle.

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In Balance

Modern-day life is often the villain in this story of our struggle with mental illness symptoms.


Learn how to get things back in balance and defend against the onslaught of modern-day life insults to our mental health & well-being.

Get started with these five free recipes...

Feed Your Brain...



Choline helps build healthy, exible neuronal membranes, making it easier for us to think and communicate clearly without interruption. One of the best sources of choline is eggs.



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Brightmind TMS


Brightmind TMS

I'm excited to pass along to all my patients and colleagues. The explanations are so helpful and understandable.


Lots of great science and actionable insights.



I loved it! So often these books are written so far above the mainstream's head and without personality. This is the first time anyone has described why meditation is almost impossible for someone like me.






About The Author 

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Justin Bethoney NP

In practicing psychiatry for the past 10 years, I have learned a few important lessons. First, it's complicated. Healing can take many different paths. What works for one person, may not help the next. Second, taking care of our body and mind is essential, yet often missed or ignored. We are resilient, often much more than we know. But, we also tend get in our own way. We take on too much. We don't sleep enough. Relaxation is optional. Food needs to be quick and easy. And, we even forget to breathe sometimes. In our modern-day lives, all of this is happening, all of the time. Since it's happening all the time, we don't even realize we are pushing so hard, nor do we identify it as a problem.

Depression, anxiety, scattered thinking, and other mental health symptoms can be the consequences of failing to fix what's broken in our daily lives. These difficult mental illness symptoms can also stem from things outside of our control as well. All the more reason to protect our bodies, brains, and minds from the daily onslaught of stress and toxicity in modern-day life. This is why I wrote The Mental Wellness Diet. It is a prescription for living in a way that follows our genetic and evolutionary instruction manual.

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